Mobile phones

What is it that gives any kid above four (or is it three or even two these days?) an intrinsic knowledge of how to unlock, operate, and find the games on any damn cell phone?

And that when I still have to ask for my husband’s help to set/restore the esoteric settings on my phone.

My Mom is worse off by an entire generation much to my kids’ frustration as they were teaching her how to add reminders on her phone.

Nani doesn’t know anything!

Now nobody gets away with that.

She is smart enough to use email and send you those e-cards with music and cartoons, isn’t she? (She was also smart enough to add my brother’s profile to a few years ago, add his contact details, and keep the login information to herself.)

She doesn’t even know how to change her ring tone.

Yes, but she likes the one she has. And she doesn’t know what games she has because with her eyesight, she cannot play them anyway.

She knows only how to call and send messages because that is what she needs the phone for.

Oh but it is still such a waste!

Giving a mobile phone to a grown up.


  1. Oh sure-mobile phones are to be utilized by the below 10 kids. Wasted on anyone above that.

  2. Including me.I guess I was defending myself along with my mom to this "do more" generation


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