Another begining

That time of the year again.

I am going mad with covers and labels for  two sets of books, arranging uniforms, marking out the ties and socks, sorting out the tiffin boxes, the water bottles, the pencil sets, the clips and hair-bands and…

The end of the summer break!

I am all worked up about how to get these two to start waking up at 6.30 am again. How will they cope with staying cooped in with textbooks after two months of absolute mayhem? How would they get back to regiments of the daycare after the complete chaos of this time?

As for these two:

Within the pile of books and bedding, they are jiving away to glory with “music (?)” at ear-splitting levels.

When I go and yell “Girls! We have school tomorrow”. I get identical blank stares “But that’s Tomorrow”.

Yeah. For tonight, lets Rock!


  1. A rocking start-all the best for a brand new year.

  2. Thanks. We have completed a fortnight of new term now-and it's one bid roller-coaster ride.


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