Sibling bonds-Is this what they mean?

As soon as my daughters wake up, they instictively look for each other, and start fighting like cats and …well cats.

The issues are different each morning, they keep changing throughout the day, but the argument continues…quite like the heated political discussions onboard the CTC routes.

Come on gals cap it-----

I too grew up with a sibling.

I can’t say we never fought but then we fought over real issues:

Like who gets to watch DD1 or DD2 on TV.
Actually I can’t remember why we needed to argue over that one, but anyway the issue was a real one.

And the telephone-that was too real. It was about someone curtailing my conversations by keeping the line busy all day, screening all my calls and inflating the family phone bill.

Even who gets to drive the scooter and who has to ride pillion (or take the moped) was as real an issue as it can get.

I guess that was all, except a few minor ones which were about…

And any way we didn’t have this incessant bickering going on, our confrontations were different…….

Like that once I tried to give him an electric shock or the one time he punched my nose so hard that I had to be rushed bleeding to the hospital.

Oh and there was that one time, when we managed to explode a lighted tube light, I don’t remember who had thrown the bat at whom…

He was even rude to me even on the day he was getting married, and had the cheek to forget about it, asking me to guard his shoes as he was getting ready for the pheras. I walked off!

And the once……

On second thoughts, I guess the girls are better off with these cat-fights about non-issues.

As for my brother and me, yeah despite the miles we’ve still managed a few altercations when we met, over the phone, on email, and sometimes without saying anything to each other.

And yet there are times he is the only person I can speak to.



  1. You tried to give him electric shock!! :O That WAS most innovative sibling fight I have heard of.

    Me and my sis too fight. Verbally. Problem is I forget everything after delivering few scathing words (I am forgetful and grudge-free) but she remembers everything. And then I cringe in memory eternally. :(

    I thinks having fights say you have a healthy relationship. Despite every fight we can speak to each other about things we wont tell anyone else.

  2. Once I locked him out for the entire night too ;) He was much stronger than me so I had too rely on strategy!

    And there are some moments I'll always cherish..

  3. Truly fond memories! Makes me want to do a post on our fights :P

  4. Do write-It's sure to be fun-learning how you did it!


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