Purani Jeans---and the memories

Purani jeans--------

I still have mine from those days…along with memories that would take ages to key in.

One of those memories is of the desperation to avoid a particular Professor’s class. As there was no other way to escape, we had to dive out of the window, climb onto the terrace and hide in an empty water tank till the coast was clear. We would have gone for a filled-in tank too, such was the fury of the tempest and our strength in being together.

I feel like doing it again, burying my head in sand, till the cyclone blows away. I’d take my chances with a water tank too, but this once, there isn't any place to retreat to...

When thunderstorms arrive, I’ll have to go out and get drenched.

And I am on my own.
Guess that is the toughest part.

If only some things could have been like those days………


  1. Ha ha poor tank. :)

    Purani Jeans is my favorite song. We hummed it all through school and college. I know the feeling that you are on your own, you cant hide inside your family cocoon, you are the flagbearer of teh family. :)

  2. a) No storm lasts forever. Chin up Girl! This too shall pass.

    b) There are things like the Internet and Mobile phones. How can you be alone?

  3. Poonam: Yes it was something like an anthem for us too. As for the feeling alone thing, sometimes I feel it more strongly than others, and now is one of those times. Hope it is over soon.


    I guess what you mean is "stop cribbing and get moving"

    Yeah-I am going to do that. Knowing that someone is out there, waiting to reach out, helps for sure...Thanks.


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