Purani Jeans-addendum!

I may be a Mom in distress (at times) but I am certainly not alone.

My last post was more about nostalgia than loneliness. Got slightly carried away by the metaphors.

Why don’t I throw away my Purani Jeans? Or donate them to a museum?

I have got lots of new blue ones since then, along with lots of new memories and great hopes too.

Yet sometimes, I get a kick out of dragging out the decade old ones and wearing them around. When you are a Mom of two and have reached my age, these are the things that make your day!

P.S: For those who got concerned at my last post, I apologize for the dramatization and thank you for the support.

I do need that.


  1. Thing about blogging is you never need to apologise. Its your place, do what you feel like, without inhibitions.

    As for support, you have it. I am just a phone call away. Thanks for being my support too! :)

  2. Thank you. Now you know why I need it :(


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