Bringing up Mother

Can we go for a sleepover?

When the question came out for the first time, I almost reacted like the Father of the Bride when Kimberly announces her engagement! Even Daddy cool didn’t manage a cool reply to that one.

Mean momma that I am, I managed to delay-drag it for a good six months before I knew I had to agree. With craftiness worthy of Loverna, I also coaxed them into inviting their friends for the grand sleepover rather than them going out. Yeah not a great difference, but I still feel somewhat reassured that my babies (I can call them that-they still don’t have this url) are where I can take care of them.

I guess most moms reacted like me (I am not the only mean one) and only one of the invitees turned up with a backpack containing her pajamas, toothbrush, towels and loads n loads of Barbie stuff. Popcorn, a Barbie movie, Pizza and Bed-wow this one wasn’t all that bad.

The predictable the can we go……..question popped up again.

What could I tell them?

No-because you are not old enough? (I can see the reaction to that one)

Or no, because I don’t trust anyone in the worldto take care of you?

Or -because I always want you so close that I don’t think i'll be able to let you go anytime soon?

After dragging it out for another couple of months I had to let them go.

My bit of growing up-------------lots left for me.


  1. When I was a kid, there was no such sleepover thing in vogue. I never made that request to my parents, and I knew they wont ever agree.

    But when I came to Delhi 10 years ago, I saw my little cousin was routinely planning sleepovers for late-night-combined-study! (Neither was I sure if any such thing as combined study did exist, thats digressing, ofcourse!)

    I guess with times, some changes will happen. I am sure you know best for your princesses. But don't hold them back too much in your love, some kids carry minor regrets all their lives.

  2. Oh I can vouch for sleepovers and all-night studies all right. The former was when I first puffed a cig. (and no it didn't turn me into an addict) and the later saw me through college.

    What I was not prepared for was that they'd start now.......or perhaps i would have still reacted like this........

  3. That was a brave step,kudos to you!!

  4. Thank you Sara. I do need the encouragement to keep pace with these two.

  5. Oh! The decision hd to be taken sometime na and in their favour that too :)
    They must hv hd many pyjama parties nw ;) hw do the like it?

  6. Now they have grown over the novelty (touch wood!) I am preparing for the next shock-wonder what will that be?


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