Pehla Nashaa-Part 2

With kids spaced out the way mine are, I was just out of the teething-weaning-potty training cycle with the first one, when it started all over with the second one.

The circle of life played out the same way in the matters of the heart.

Elena reached the stage when she wanted to invite only girls for her birthday party. Aurora came home from the park and declared: “I am going to marry Siddhant”

The second time, all your responses get jaded: “Ok. Finish your milk and your homework and then we’ll talk about it.”

Guess that was the right thing to do, because after her homework she was more keen on watching TV than thinking about Sid. She did remember it next day and it was the hottest news in the apartment play area and the school bus.

A week (or was it five days?) later: Mamma, I’ve cancelled Siddhant!

L: (Wow again!) Why?

A: He didn’t push the swing for me. He is always running off to play cricket!

For the Mom’s who worry that the next generation would start dating the moment they are out of cradles-there is great hope. They’ll be back much faster!

No! Not the Doosra again

A: Can we get married to someone who is much older than us?

L:****** What----Why?

A: Sixth class? (She was in Prep)
But I like him more than any of the silly boys (I guess she meant Sid). He always pushes the swing for me, helps me get the cycle up the steps, and buys me a boomer.
(Pays attention, spends time and money too…didn’t I tell you the next generation has better fundas!)

L: Let’s finish the milk and homework ………………..I hope it works this time too!


  1. aren't u glad there's just part 1 and part 2? I for one, wanted to read more.....

  2. We can generate plenty of reading material without getting into Part 3, 4.......
    I wish i could manage more time to write.

  3. Yeah. Sometimes it is too much though :(


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