Pehla Nasha...........

My elder daughter had her first crush when she was five.While she was lost in her dreams, I was the one having nightmares.

Loverna swung into action mode: I made sure she played with other kids, all other kids but “him”. Enrolled her in a different summer camp. Tried to convince her to take a window seat instead of sitting with “him”…..

Linda Goodman (yeah I read her enough times to remember even now) does not describe how having a Taurean for a mother makes the little ones, no matter when they are born, ten times more bull-headed. The Aquarian, with her head in the clouds, dug in her heels-----------deep

Logic met logic:
  • Of course we can get married to friends. Mama just did it.
  • Ok, if Srivastava is difficult to spell, I’ll use my own surname. My ma’am also does.


Before she went on to deciding the names for her kids, Time, the greatest force since Mahabharta, took over. We moved to Bangalore. She made lots of new friends and became so involved in each day that future planning was relegated to the future.

A few months later, as I was dialing a number -Elena tugged urgently “Are you speaking to Raakhee Aunty?” Yes I was. “Please don’t ask me to speak to Kush”

L: Oh Wow!!!!!I mean Why?

E: Because I don’t know what to say to him.
It continued upto…….I don’t even remember how he looks. She was so embarrassed about the whole episode that it was never to be mentioned again.

I could sleep peacefully again.

Doosra nasha?????

Lately I’ve noticed Elena and her friend giggling and paddling only in one quarter of the pool instead of racing across the length like always. Me being paranoid or is it just coincidence that that area of the pool is in direct line of sight of a particular balcony? More coincidence-this happens only when that particular balcony is occupied by a particular kid.

Que Sara Sara? Yes, but I am still watching. That’s what Loverna is meant to do.


  1. I thot this would be about ur "pehla nasha"
    Best of luck dealing with ur kids!

  2. What?????This is a Mom blog Ma'am :) Thanks for the wishes.

  3. What did you expect? :P

    Aur aajkal if crushes and infatuations dont happen, people wonder if your kid is normal???

    Much as you will want to protect them, they will grow up, your dear girls :)

  4. Abe.. Ma ke angle se dekh! Crushes at 15 are something I was prepared for 10 years early is too early and there is nothing I can do about it :(

  5. OMG! Kids these days are so so fast!

  6. Maybe that's what our Moms said about us too! Wonder what this generation will be up to next?

  7. I had my first crush@9.

    then love at 14...

    so as per that rule expect her to fall(or rise) in love @ 9

    heee heee

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience Ashish. I'll be better prepared :)


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