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Pehla Nasha...........

My elder daughter had her first crush when she was five.While she was lost in her dreams, I was the one having nightmares.

Loverna swung into action mode: I made sure she played with other kids, all other kids but “him”. Enrolled her in a different summer camp. Tried to convince her to take a window seat instead of sitting with “him”…..

Linda Goodman (yeah I read her enough times to remember even now) does not describe how having a Taurean for a mother makes the little ones, no matter when they are born, ten times more bull-headed. The Aquarian, with her head in the clouds, dug in her heels-----------deep

Logic met logic:
Of course we can get married to friends. Mama just did it. Ok, if Srivastava is difficult to spell, I’ll use my own surname. My ma’am also does.Well……..Before she went on to deciding the names for her kids, Time, the greatest force since Mahabharta, took over. We moved to Bangalore. She made lots of new friends and became so involved in each day that future planning was …

Pehla Nashaa-Part 2

With kids spaced out the way mine are, I was just out of the teething-weaning-potty training cycle with the first one, when it started all over with the second one.

The circle of life played out the same way in the matters of the heart.

Elena reached the stage when she wanted to invite only girls for her birthday party. Aurora came home from the park and declared: “I am going to marry Siddhant”

The second time, all your responses get jaded: “Ok. Finish your milk and your homework and then we’ll talk about it.”

Guess that was the right thing to do, because after her homework she was more keen on watching TV than thinking about Sid. She did remember it next day and it was the hottest news in the apartment play area and the school bus.

A week (or was it five days?) later: Mamma, I’ve cancelled Siddhant!

L: (Wow again!) Why?

A: He didn’t push the swing for me. He is always running off to play cricket!

For the Mom’s who worry that the next generation would start dating the moment they are out of c…


I hate compromises.

I hate not doing a great job at work. I hate missing out on important discussions and not making my contribution. I hate not growing fast enough in my career. I hate not being able to accept a better deal because it will make me lose my time at home. I hate saying no to plum assignments because I have to leave office at a fixed time. I hate not being able to do much more.

I also hate delegating anything to with my children. I hate not being at home when they come back after a long day at school. I hate saying “I’m busy” to them when they want to come and talk nonsense. I hate it when they can’t attend music class because I don’t have the time to drop them.

So I compromise.
I work from home to the extent I can, and say goodbye to working up the corporate ladder.I ensure they can attend their Badminton and Swimming but let them miss the odd party I don’t hang around in the park with them, but make time to teach them to cycleI work late to finish assignments, but leave…