The Harried Mom’s survival tips for school days

These are some lessons from life and friends that help make my mornings better. I’ll keep updating the list. Please share as many tips as you can.
  • Labeling socks: Yep I’ve labeled them N1, N2.. J1, J2 with embroidery thread and it has taken care of a daily 10 min hassle.
  • Use Ala: of all permutations and combinations, this has been the most effective in turning brown uniforms to whitish.
  • Buy multiple sets of uniforms: Most of us managed with two, but where every minute counts, having more sets helps you avoid a lot of stress
  • Same with water bottles and tiffins: A backup always helps. Especially on the days when the maid doesn’t turn up and you are already so late
  • Back up maid: This is too much of a luxury, but there is nothing like having two maids, so that atleast one is available when you need her the most.
  • Making the kids do chores: They don’t get to watch TV unless next day’s bags and uniforms are in order. (I know this is worse than a boot camp, but then..)
  • Keeping their hair short: This takes a lot of persuasion. But when a minute means the difference of missing the school bus, rippling into driving them two school (that’s 30 mins), it is a struggle to make plaits for two girls. More so because they have to be exact in terms of position and thickness, if I make plaits for one, then obviously……….. and the school rubber bands always go missing at sharp 7:35 am
  • Moms’ network: I need to call Neetu and ask her to stop the bus for me almost two days a week. She calls me on atleast two days. I call Ruchi when I discover that one of the girls has left her tiffin box or diary on the table, Chitra when the bus driver tells us he has a puncture and cannot come…..The list is a lifesaver.


  1. Scary, buddy, I have seen you acting like Supermom since long..I really wonder how do you juggle so many thing together..they say women are champion multi-taskers, but I think I may not be one of them :(

    Hats off to all moms!

  2. Of course you will. Maybe much more.

  3. Love the list of tips...wish I could have a maid in the morning...thats the luxury of being in India!!

  4. I agree completely-this is a real blessing. My maid makes sure I appreciate the fact by taking a few unexpected leaves every now and then, so I never take her for granted.

  5. Ha ha nw reminds me of my school days when the bands went missing and in my case when Mom hd to leave for office bcoz she left first ;)

    Gr8 list there :)

    The socks one is a really gud idea :)

  6. Thanks Swaram-the socks one is a big help. In fact the kids take of their shoes and socks for dance class-and it helps them identify their's in school too. Reminds me-I have to update the list.


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