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My Story and Hers: Which way do we go?

This is a continuation of events from my previous post when my friend and I had decided we needed to change the ‘new’ school.
My mother said bye to me as usual as I left for school. Then she stood still with shock and screamed: You are wearing the wrong uniform. You have the grey-and-white uniform now.
(She had also given away my old blue uniform, I had to borrow one from a friend and it was two sizes bigger than my size).
I told her I am not going to the ‘grey-and-white uniform’ school anymore but my old blue uniform one.
Yes, I knew I could not just walk into a school like that. My friend had spoken to the office staff and got my Transfer Certificate request cancelled. I had visited the old school, met the Principal, the admin staff and my friends. My school had changed.
My parents had a conference between each other that day and they let me continue my way; probably because of the shock factor of the drastic step.
This was perhaps the first independent decision of my life. Was it the righ…