Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day!
Now how can I find time on a Sunday for that? Specially since I had a migraine, could not locate my Driving License and I had to take care of the entire week’s school uniforms with our Iron-Man (the presswala) off to his village.

Anyway these things are for kids aren’t they?
And my friends always understand when I don’t pick up their calls or sometimes end a call abruptly. Work has to come first and it does. Family comes even before that. And in between, I do find some time for my friends, sometimes.

I know my friends deserve so much more.

And so this belated Friendship day post goes out as an apology to all of you.

To Pooja, who has been there for me ever since we were six year olds; Talking me out my mad-cap ideas, believing in me, even when I hardly give her any reason to do so, pushing me to do better, do more.

To Sonal, for still making time for me in her whirlwind schedule, for making me believe that some things to remain the same, so do some relations.

To Softy, for understanding me so well. I miss talking to you!

To Rachna who still co-ordinates her ‘talk-times’ with me-so that we never realize that we have not met for YEARS.

Shubhra, who understands my dilemmas without needing  words. Makes things better by listening to me, laughing with me.

Shivani-who slips in and out of emails, but makes sure I know she is there for me.

In fact the entire Gang of 10 at MBM. My life is so much richer because of you-Anju, Rita, Ritu, Reena, Sarika.

To the friends who drifted away, reconnected with over Orkut or Facebook, but with whom I still don’t keep in touch so regularly. I may not have soulful messages, or witty updates to share with you all the time, but I am really grateful for the fact that you are around.

And to my blog friends , some of whom I have never met, but who still take the time to read my posts when I come out of hibernation, to post a line to cheer me up when I need it most.

To the one person who has to put up with me the most-the only one for whom I did tie a friendship band..

Thank you for being my friend.
Happy Friendship day!

(Belated! Yeah, so what? This is my 100th post. It may have taken me a long time, but I am so glad to dedicate this one to my friends! Over to you-Sachin)


  1. Happy friendship day to you too.. friends are the best thing ot happen to everyone ...

    and congrats on the 100th post ...


  2. Oh wow! What a fitting 100th post :)
    Congrats and cheers to many more!
    And happy friendship day to u too :)

  3. Thank you Bikramjit, Swaram-I wish Sachin gets there soon too !

    Wishing you both many Happy Moments with Friends. Thanks for being a part of this blog

  4. Belated happy friendship day to you too :) (its never too late, i guess!)

  5. Knock knock! Heres a wake-up call for you!

    You're tagged :D

    Happy New Year, HM, to you, your husband and your two adorable girls :)

    1. Hey Thanks
      I am a retired blogger now. Deeps I hardly think I am eligible anymore. But thank you so much dear for the wake-up call. I visited my own blog after months. Will come back and post too!


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