When you drop your camera in the sea

Smitha’s post on cameras brought back another memory for me.
Of a trip where our digital camera fell into the sea at Kanyakumari and refused to get switched on

The next stop was Thiruvananthapuram.

The Service Centres said they would take a week to let us know if it could be repaired. Still hoping that it could be, we picked up a Kodak Camera which used a 'Roll' of film to print pictures.

I didn’t know they still existed.
My daughters thought it was weird. What you don’t get to see the picture? How do you click then? How do you know if a picture got clicked?

You don’t. You see and you click, and you wait till you click all the photos, and go back home, find the time to drop off the Roll for printing and pick it up again.

It sure is an exercise in patience. And you do not have the luxury of clicking away in haste, deleting in leisure. 

But you do get to treasure the moment.


  1. The same had happened with the camera of my parents & they had thus fished out the old roll camera. And I still remember the comment of my niece after a family photograph was clicked. Out of habit she hopped on to see the snap & then remembered and said "oho! ye nana ka camera hai isme dikhta nahin hai" :D

  2. Wow, thats one treasured moment for sure!

    I remember how much of a time consuming exercise taking pictures from a roll-camera used to be. Thank heavens for digital advancement!

  3. Oh that's a lovely pic :)
    We were so very careful and patient and not-so-liberal then ;) How much has the digital cam changed us! Phew!

  4. Hi Smita

    Good to hear from you. My daughter's reaction was exactly the same. She has this habit of checking every pic right after it was clicked. And her reaction was "ye kaisa camera hai"

    Thank heavens indeed! It was such a big exercise that we used to take photographs only on 'occasions'. Thankfully we have the luxury clicking other moments too

    Thanks. That camera helped us click some special ones. Although we had to keep checking how many we could click, and then wait for 2 weeks to see the photos!

  5. I can imagine! Our kids have no idea that cameras like this existed! How much the digital cameras how spoiled us :) I missed this post :(

  6. oh! i know its too bad a situation, i was in daman recently just to find the memory of the cam full,had forget to download the snaps & add to it had brought the wrong wires in hurry, had to delete some of the repeated one to take some fresh ones.


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