First love

No it's not about my daughters' but my own...

The heady, exhilaration..
The soft, mushy feeling..
A solace, a homecoming
An adventure, a discovery

Someone who was always there for me,
Setting my imagination free,
Letting my dreams soar
Bringing a smile on my face no matter how lousy the day was,

My best friend, my strength, my happiness,
My best memories
If that isn’t love, then what is?
My Amar Chitra Kathas,

The man who gave me some of the best moments of my life, who shaped my childhood, passed away early this month.

I had to log on to pay homage to this wonderful man,
And to thank him for leaving behind a wonderful legacy for my children too..

(This is my younger daughter’s typical afternoon read-unwinding after school, even during exam time. And I can’t blame her.)

So even though I am on an unplanned blog break,
even though I am running a backlog on my work, on kids' exam preparation, I had to write this one post.

Thank you, Uncle Pai! For making my childhood so much better.


  1. Oh HM... i too felt the same once and now my daughter is experiencing the same...

    I felt so sad when heard about uncle pai's demise!!

  2. So we share another common love?

    I had met Uncle Pai once when I won some quiz on Indian Mythology-and the prize was more ACKs--I remember it as one of my 'luckiest' days.

    Our kids are lucky they can have the same fun!


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