A Stay-at-Home-Mom

Now that I am a stay-at-home mum, my excuse of “No time” shouldn’t hold any more.
Yeah, but life just got busier (as if that was possible).
But more than me, it is my loving daughters who are puzzled (as opposed to thrilled :( ).
And I really wonder why, when they have a loving mom at home, ready to give them all the time in the world.
Who is ready with healthy stuff whenever they are hungry (Yuck!).
The kind of mother they always envied-you know the ones who keep their homes sparkling. (Nooooo, you can’t fine me for the messy cupboard, you asked me only to clean the room)
A mom eager to play Badminton with them (Hey, we can’t count playing with you as free time).
 A mother ready to guide them with their studies (No, You can’t open my school bag without permission. It’s Private).
A mother ready to talk whenever they want to..(That’s Ok, but I still need to talk to my friend whom I play with everyday, and who lives just a floor below, for 20 mins on the phone).
Someone who is ALWAYS there for them…(OH GOD!  So what happens to internet time…)
Is it already too late, I wondered. 
Did I make a mistake..
And then Aurora piped in:
That’s just not fair. (the favorite phrase of the moment). You send us to school and then you can read books, watch TV, go back to sleep..
I wan’t to be a stay at home kid too!
I should be heartbroken at their response. The wicked Loverna in me is actually relishing every moment of it.
The mother in me is glad to be there for them…..no matter how they feel about it.


  1. Stay at home kid - ha ha so sweet :)
    Glad u r hvng time for them and some good me-time too !?! :)

  2. It didn't come out as sweet, Swaram. It was sheer frustration on her part :(
    Yes, but I am having a good time, so far...

  3. The way you portray this it sounds hilarious. i am sure SAHM has it own challenges :) Love reading your blog. Now that you have more time (hahahaha :)) please update more often >>.Smita

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Smita didi. Being at home all the time is crazy-but it was the only option at this time. lets see how it goes

  5. LOL at the stay at home kid comment. What a concept!

  6. I hope the concept doesn't catch on. Kids these days want equal "rights" for everything!


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