My Gym Diary

I celebrated my day at home by finally visiting the gym. My gym diary actually starts six..or eight..or maybe ten months ago.

I walked in to this room full of contraptions and found only one which looked familiar—the weighing machine. Looking just as diligent as all other inhabitants of that planet full of huffing-aliens, sweating profusely on swooshing machines, I too clambered on to this one.

The numbers proved I just did not belong and I walked out, promising to visit every day, starting next week.

Some weeks (just about 10 or 12 of them) later, I walked in more resolutely, did a few rounds on the weighing machine and told the trainer I was ready to sign on—from next month (well it was only 2 weeks away).

A few more weeks later-I asked the trainer if I could start from the beginning of the next month. (See-I am persistent.)

“Ma’am, we’ll start your month from the day you join. (Gosh-after Julius Ceasar and Augustus, now the calendar moves around for ME!!) You can start today.”
“Oh, well, but…My kids will be home soon (Today is too soon, Come on..I am a busy mother). I’ll start on Monday.”

After a lot of Mondays, the trainer assures me: “Ma’am, please try the program for a week or two. You can pay after you decide to continue” (Someone more persistent than me?)

OK. Done.

I booked the slot for the next day and left, determined not to let him down again. (Yes, I was feeling duty-bound to join)

At the appointed hour, I was
rushing Elena to the hospital to get her chin stitched up.

I didn’t get the time to try out that one familiar machine for months. Today, I finally went and told him I was ready to take the plunge.

And I felt so let down when he made me do only a few exercises (quite like the disgusting P.T. in school) and said I wouldn’t be ready to take a flight on those swashbuckling spaceships for atleast a week.

I am not sure I want to go back tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha .. just luv ur style of writing :)
    LOL @ calender revolving around u :P Kudos to u ;)
    Gud luck. U went .. I hv been postponing from 3 mths i.e from when we moved into the new place for various reasons :P

  2. Oh Thank You Swaram-would say the same about ur blog. Just that, with borrowed internet time, I am not able to keep up with you. Will hopefully catch up by this weekend

  3. LOL! That was so funny! I had the same problem with the gym after Poohi was born. I kept finding excuses after excuses to put it off. Finally, managed to get a cross trainer to work out home, which got converted into a coat rack. ANd the got a Wii-Fit, which just graces the entertainment unit now :) Needless to say, I steer clear of the weighing machine too :)

  4. Oh Smitha-you sound so much like me! I too wanted to buy a stepper if not a treadmill-but my husband was firm about not buying any more "furniture" :(


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