Wishing on a billboard

Battling the peak-hour Bangalore traffic in the rains I disconnect a call offering a free for life, platinum card. Then there is a huge billboard announcing something about diamonds and women’s wish lists.

At that moment, I just wish I had the time to make my breakfast.

I wish someone would make a microwave that could run on a car battery.

It wouldn’t take too much improvisation to rig up a conferencing system in the car would it? We could just finish with the meetings on the way and get straight to work.

Oh and while we are on the wishlist..a toggle to shrink the sides of the car by just a few inches so that I could squeeze by these competing BMTC buses would be such a welcome innovation. Nothing James Bond about it surely?

and just one thing more: a distance monitor  to see what the kids were upto while the light turns red for the third time and I move ahead by exactly seven inches.  Those people had it even during the Mahabharta…

Hey anyone knows how to get in touch with My Phungshook Wangdu?

Since we moved years ago to branded, ground Atta we don’t need that Atta chacki anymore-but something which churns out Paranthas as we juggle the clutch/accelerator would be such a blessing.

Another wish: A calorie burner/vitual treadmill that churns as I drive. 

All the marketing magicians who keep insisting on selling ULIPs and Credit Services, could you please sell me these instead?

I need them more than diamonds…and so do many other women.


  1. LOL .. I am with u on that too ;) All that I need to hv a peaceful daily life :P

  2. Oh Swaram-that is one wish that covers it all!

  3. LOL...loved your wishlist, HM. Life can get crazy at times :)

    the part where you wished for microwaves that could run on car-batteries was classic!

  4. Deeps: I am so sorry for the delayed response. Yes life keeps getting busier and crazier-am considering opting out of the race-at least till someone invents this microwave ;)


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