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Time out

Right now I am at moving in overdrive-the moments are whizzing by before I can capture them...

Struggling to do too many things...
Balancing, prioritizing, stumbling and yet loving every moment.

A friend congratulated me on completing 10 years of motherhood.

I wrote back clarifying that it actually 10+7=17 years.

No, she wrote, it's 17*365*24*60*60 seconds. Each second you are a mother.

It is a lifetime.
It is eternity.

And it is a roller-coaster!

One to Mom to another

Me, the office-going mom:
I try so hard to be there for them and yet she fell so badly, and I was not there..
My friend, the stay-at-home mom:
Well, I was standing right next to my son; he still slipped and broke his arm…
Guess we can only do so much.

The days Moms dread

Déjà vu
I was holding packs of ice to stem the bleeding as a neighbor drove us to the emergency section of the hospital. Last time it was Aurora , it's Elena this time.
My neighbors proved to be the real blessing. Last time I had just taken one look at Aurora’s blood soaked face and rushed to the car-without even my purse or phone, and leaving the house open. Someone locked up after me, and took Elena home (to have a sumptuous dinner with lots of TV), while another one drove me to the hospital. This time, they had already cleaned up the smaller of the wounds by the time I rushed in..
And I am so thankful to the staff at the often maligned Manipal Hospital. Their response in case of emergencies is fantastic. Right from their approach, promptness, level of preparedness, their concern and expertise- I am so grateful for all of that.
My warrior is home now-with five stitches on her chin.
She has stopped clinging to me as a sign of "return to normalcy".
She hates the doctor who tric…