Children's Day: After the storm

Yes the day went great.

We were only a little late for school, but since most kids were a little behind schedule, and the teachers had built in that buffer, both the girls enjoyed.

This is Aurora's class getting ready for a Cinderella at the Ball dance:

And this is Elena's class of Zebras and Lions;

And this is my troupe of dancers for the event at home:

Until next time!


  1. Wow! Sounds like u hd a gr8 time :)

  2. Oh yes. But I am glad it's over :)

  3. What fun, I am sure you all created great memories too!!

    I also loved the words on the header!! Hugs to both your squabbling fairies :)

  4. IHM: Thanks for visiting our crazy world!
    And it was really memorable :)


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