This Mom has her day

I had to pick Aurora from a birthday party.

She took one look at me and forgot the excitement of showing me her return gift: Mamma you are wearing my earrings again! Last time you wore them to office and broke one..

Well, I didn't have much time to get ready and her stuff was scattered all over my dressing table-including earrings in the exact shade of pink as my top, so of course I borrowed it.

What’s a pair of earrings between a mother and her daughter?

Remember all the lipsticks you broke painting your face, including my favorite one which my best friend had given me, right upto the day we got a carpenter fit locks on my cosmetics shelf?

And all those “sticker bindis” collected from across cities which you stuck all over your forehead, all at the same time?

And the "heels" you broke while practicing to walk on them?

The “zari” dupatta you borrowed for dancing on the bed and returned with a big vertical slit?

The mascara you used to play “ghost”?

I may have to wait for some more time before I can borrow your bracelets and stilettos, but surely I can use a handbag if it matches my dress, or nail-paint, or a beaded necklace, or..


  1. Sweet post... :) Initially I always wore my mom's saris for college ethnic days as I didn't want mine to tear or get spoilt ;) And of course, I'd want her best and well-preserved saris only !!!

  2. :) That was so sweet! Of course you can :) You are entitled to it :)

  3. Lostworld: Yes, too made the most of Mum's sarees and then my daughters "plundered" my stuff-that's another way the circle of life comes full circle.

    Smitha: Thanks for your vote!This the fun part of bringing up daughters.

  4. The sweet and soft Aurora said that :P
    Am taking lessons from u for the future ;)

  5. These "sweet" girls are capable of saying a lot...
    I guess between me and all other Mommy bloggers-we'll have you very well prepared!

  6. borrowing among brothers and sisters is common but never thought about mom and daughter... must be sweet though :)

  7. It is all the more fun that way! Esp-since it's my turn to do the borrowing now.

  8. Of course you can,Hypermom. You've earned it :)

  9. Aww!!! Of course u can... cos wasnt it u who bought it for her in the first place???

  10. Yes, I am glad to know I would be able to borrow from my daughters one day. ;)

  11. Deeps: Thank you, one more on my side!

    Lady J: Thank you too-yes Moms of daughters unite!

    Poonam: Would be Mom's too! Poonam you can enjoy borrowing from your Mom and Sis till then. Payback time comes much later.


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