Exercise in Education

The Theory:

I always look on our trips together as another opportunity in education

So I always try to draw them maps, provide a background of what makes each place special and tell them what I know about the society, language, food and culture of the place-and yes all the interesting bits about geography, history and mythology too.

The Reality:

They always managed to have questions for which I have no answers.

Like: Why couldn’t Lord Rama just fly his army over to Lanka-He was God wasn’t He?

Or for that matter: Why did He let his wife get kidnapped anyway?

And there are times they don’t even wonder “Why” and just find things to absurd to even ask about.

Like Aurora’s reaction to the world famous temple carvings:

They wear so much jewellery and they don’t wear clothes! How D……..

Hey I can see an Ice-cream shop! Anyone interested?

Education will have to wait till Mom does some more homework or till they are old enough to find their own answers (and probably educate me).


  1. Don't worry your girls are quite smart to ask such questions... they'll very soon learn what question to ask and what not to ask... but I fear then you'll fall short of content to write on your blog ;)

    See how good they are, they always provide you ideas for your posts


  2. Ha ha ha .. these girls r so smart! We def. hv no answers :P Ya, ice-cream does help anytime ;)

  3. Ashish: I am afraid you are right-soon they'll find their own answers and I'll run short of ideas to write. Or maybe they'll take over the writing with their attempts to educate Mom-things do come back-after a full circle.

    Swaram: Thank God for ice-cream. I guess I'll have to wait till they are old enough to handle the answers...

  4. very nice post.Children do have this impression that us parents know it all..at least they make us feel that way,dont they??

    Its so encouraging to know that your children are curious and inquisitive,sisnt it?
    Your kids are very smart :)

  5. But still, years later when they blog, they are going to thank you for this education. :)

  6. Deeps: now that they are growing up they are reaching the state of "I know better" and "friends know best" very soon...and I am really apprehensive :(

    Poonam: I really hope so..

  7. When in doubt always have ice-cream ;)

    Loved your daughters` quip. How spontaneous!

  8. Landed here blog-hopping ;) Happy Diwali to you! Smart questions! :) I hope they retain some of this questioning all their lives, after a while they will find answers and discuss them with you over ice-creams :)

    More material to blog about for you!

  9. Thanks for coming over! Happy Diwali to you too

    I do hope that day comes soon-------I have the wisdom and patience to answer all their questions and they have the maturity to take the answers

    Much more to write about (touchwood!)

  10. Geez, I never thought of it that way really. Lord Ram was God truly. So why did he become so lax?

    Actually the Ramayana clearly mentions that Lord Ram let Sita get kidnapped on purpose so he would have a valid reason to kill Ravana.

    Beats me why he couldn't just fly over the sea to Lanka though. All I could think of is maybe even God sends on earth have their own range of powers. I guess God wanted Hanuman to have the jet engines and not Ram.

    Sorry, didn't mean to be so blunt. Hope I didn't offend the nerdy types.

  11. I don't want to get into a debate on religious lines either....but letting his wife get kidnapped to accomplish his goals is a bit too much to accept from anyone...

    And then he abandoned her in a jungle when she was pregnant, and then came after years and claimed his sons, leaving her with no reason to survive...was there a purpose in that too...

    How do we answer these questions?


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