Swine-flu and School-Part 2

Yes-I have written enough on the subject and hopefully this is my last post on the topic. Have to maintain the parity in writing about them too-so here is Elena’s story,

The wise old lady-did not even argue about the mask.

She, like her mom, always takes the path of least confrontation-and then goes ahead and does what she means to do anyway (not like her mom though).

She was more concerned about the now essential accessory-the Sanitizer.

The experience, far-sighted teachers, after explaining the need to keep hands clean, told the kids to carry their own sanitizers because they wouldn’t be allowed to rush out to wash their hands, every time.

So Dad was contacted on email and phone and sent a reminder lest he forget, and pestered till he came with the new sanitizer school packs.

Two days later........
a very contrite looking kid with her eyes on the ground comes to me with her coin box, Mamma you can keep this.

Where did that come from?

I am sorry I lost the Sanitizer, I need another one…

Actually Mamma, I don’t think I lost it. I am very sure, the girl who sits behind me, flicked it, she had that kind of expression on her face….but I am still very sorry..

Yep-I fell for the “senti” scene again! Told her to keep the money (which she promptly did) and promised to get one more…

Oh and Mom.... can you please ask Papa to get a pink one this time, Komal also has one…

And Ma’am told us the Himalaya one is the best….

So we get ready to stock up on the latest accessory in school, with full specs on brands, fragrances and colors…


  1. ha ha ... so smart ;) diff. to beat that!

    So, did she get the pink one :P

    N yeah, the profile pic is gr8!

  2. LOL @ the pink one!

    All girls have this pink fixation, do they? My daughter is only three and she knows that pink is for girls and blue for boys :(

    LOL @ the latest school accessory :)

  3. Poor girls, they don't have a personal life anymore. Their Mom records their sins in public domain so that their sins can still haunt them when they are adults.

    Hehehe, I pity all kids of Mommmy bloggers. :D They can't be naughty and smart without the world knowing it. ;)

  4. Hi Swaram: no we cudn't get a pink one-stock-illa with the demand zooming up!

    Smitha: yeah-we once bought a Pink Barbie toothpaste too, and then they didn't like the taste, so i was left brushing my teeth with pink toothpaste for a month. (don't fall for that when ur time comes)

    Poonam: Yes-this is the ultimate Momma's revenge. Until my girls take to blogging that is..

  5. LOL!I had the same thought like Smitha while reading the pink one bit!
    The girls sure have a soft corner for pink,although my li'l one's latest fancy is purple,but pink too finds a mention at the same time.

    Elena is a smart kid!

  6. Haha.. :) Kids have a way of getting what they want.. I want a pink sanitizer too ;)

  7. Deeps: Good to hear from you. Yes pink in lacy frocks and barbie dresses is ok-but what do I do when it runs to toothpastes and sanitizers? Good your kid likes purple-shows she is open to more options!

    Lostworld: Sure I'll start hoarding up pink sanitizers-looks like their is a big market out there...

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  10. I have given up on the sanitisers too. On the first day, he came back with an empty bottle. So he got a lecture on using only one drop. So the next day, he not only emptied the bottle but threw it away too! And told me he prefers to use the soap and water provided in school. Oh well!

  11. It's so tough to keep up with them :(

    In my kids' school-the teachers are insisting on sanitizers as they don't want children running around to wash their hands every now and then.

    After my daughter lost her bottle-I gave her measured quantities in a smaller bottle for a few days-but then it was another daily task for me.


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