Running away

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Yeah. And the cowards run. 

Those who do not have the guts to confront situations always look for escape routes, to avoid an honest duel and run away and hide. 

Those who mind getting their hands dirty and bones broken always try to turn and flee. 

I have been doing a lot of that lately.

Actually I have done a lot of that, all my life.

When people get nasty and cheap, when situations get messy, when it is a choice between sticking to your ground or taking sh**. 

I run. 

When there is no other way but to make a choice between getting even, hitting back, or hurting someone. 

I run. 

Why fight when you can fly? 

But what if you cannot run anymore? 

Guess that is when you have to take off your running shoes and face the world. 

Given a choice, I’d rather be a coward. It’s cleaner, faster, and much more fun. Sometimes it is also the smarter way out.


  1. Things still bad?

    anyway that explains how u get into ur purani jeans.

    why run when u can fight? try it out-that's fun too ;)

  2. :( still stormy, yes.
    And no-I'd rather run (or crib when I have someone to talk to)


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