I hate compromises.

I hate not doing a great job at work. I hate missing out on important discussions and not making my contribution. I hate not growing fast enough in my career. I hate not being able to accept a better deal because it will make me lose my time at home. I hate saying no to plum assignments because I have to leave office at a fixed time. I hate not being able to do much more.

I also hate delegating anything to with my children. I hate not being at home when they come back after a long day at school. I hate saying “I’m busy” to them when they want to come and talk nonsense. I hate it when they can’t attend music class because I don’t have the time to drop them.

So I compromise.

  • I work from home to the extent I can, and say goodbye to working up the corporate ladder.
  • I ensure they can attend their Badminton and Swimming but let them miss the odd party
  • I don’t hang around in the park with them, but make time to teach them to cycle
  • I work late to finish assignments, but leave early when they have exams
  • I stay awake and finish my work to ensure that my daughter makes it to her choir practice everyday
  • I don’t go to the movies with them, but I make wings and halos for the Christmas play

    On the final day of the term, when I see both my girls on stage, their eyes shining with pride and confidence, one receiving a prize, the other a part of the school choir, I look back and think, maybe ..............the compromises are worth it. Aren't they?


  1. Yes, these compromises are worth it. I guess I too would like to do so for my kids. But I am not sure if I would be able to do so well as you. Woman, I salute your spirit. :)

  2. Everyone does and this is just the beginning. I remember my mom, a 10th std teacher, going frantic trying to be with me when I had my first kid, and trying not to let down her students before the board exams. And then, my second one also decided to be an Aquarian! As they say, now I know what it feels like :)

  3. Oh they surely are :) Such a warm post :)

  4. Thanks Swaram-I guess it is a part of all of us-afterall we have seen our Mom's do it all the time.


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